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Why did the Maratha community calm down due to the demand for reservation?| Latest political news

The Maratha community has started to feel that this is the right time to demand their demand. That’s why they hasten protests

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Maharashtra has been boiling for the Maratha reservation. There have been reports of protests from many places in the last two-three days. Today, the same has been called off from Mumbai. Buses have been stopped in many places, demolition has happened. Shops are being shut down.

Two years ago, the Maratha community of the state had a peaceful protest against the Maratha reservation. The Maratha community demanded that they are given reservation in government jobs in Maharashtra. Maharashtra has a total of 33 percent of the Maratha community. On the basis of population, they are demanding reservation for themselves. This time the protest against the demand has become violent.

The Maratha community has started to feel that this is the right time to demand their demand. That’s why they have made protests intensified. The demand of Maratha reservation for the government has been pending for a long time and the Maratha community feels that if they are not implemented then their demand will remain in cold storage.

In the lead of the Maratha Kranti Morcha, activists are showing fierce protest over their demands. There has been a tremendous performance in the areas of Western Maharashtra, Marathwada, and Konkan. Beed and descended on the Maratha roads of Nashik district. A young man in Godavari river of Aurangabad took the water mausoleum on demand. After this incident, protests continued in other districts of the state.

Maratha movement is happening in politics

The Opposition has made the issue against the government demanding the Maratha reservation demand. Now he is demanding resignation from Fadnavis. In view of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the Opposition is in an effort to create a major weapon against BJP. However, the leaders of the Maratha community deny this.

They say that the rise in the Maratha movement has come from the time when CM Devendra Fadnavis of Maharashtra announced on July 20 a reservation of 16 percent in government jobs to the Maratha community. CM had said that once the implementation of the constitutional and legal process regarding Maratha reservation was met, there would be no problem in giving reservations.

Where is the screw in the Maratha reservation?

The Maratha community is not demanding separate reservation for itself. Maratha leaders want their community to be included in the OBC category. If they are given a separate reservation without being included in the OBC category, then this court will be stuck in court proceedings. If this happens then the reservation limit in the state will go up by 50% and due to this, the Maratha reservation can be challenged in the court. Under constitutional arrangements, it is not possible to get reservation above 50% in any state.

That is why the Maratha community wants to be included in the OBC category. If this happens, there will be no violation of the reservation limit and reservation will also be given to OBC for the Maratha community. Maratha leaders say that if the government wants, then the Maratha community can be put in the OBC category by taking a decision in the assembly. But the Government’s intention seems to be that they do not want to do it.

Though the Backward Classes Commission is considering putting Maratha community in the OBC category and work is going on in this direction. But the Maratha community is no longer willing to wait for it. He wants the government to make the decision as soon as possible and put the bill in the assembly and put the Maratha community in the OBC category. There is no need to wait for a commission report for this. Indeed, the Maratha community says that the government is deliberately delaying. So that the issue of Maratha reservation should be drawn up to the Lok Sabha elections of 2019 and votebank of Maratha community should be used in the Lok Sabha elections.

Right now the backward commission is studying the socio-economic status of the Maratha community in the state. Maratha leaders say that their speed in this direction is so slow that it will take years to get the reservation. These people want the government to take a decision on their own level.

Maratha leaders behind the resentment of the Fadnavis government tell another reason. He says that in the meetings on the issue of Maratha reservation, CM sends out his ministers who are not aware of this issue. These people want the government to take their demands seriously.

It is also a problem that the government does not know which leaders of the Maratha community should be consulted on this issue. In fact, the Maratha movement is happening in many places and there are several small Maratha organizations involved in this. Their leaders are also scattered. Many organizations are raising this demand under the Maratha Revolutionary Front. Although the organizations are also scattered. Maratha leaders believe that every leader is taking decisions according to their own due to which confusion prevails.

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