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WhatsApp’s new feature for India to stop messaging

Whatsapp Update

whatsapp's new feature for India

Instant Messaging App Whatsapp has recently brought some features to avoid Fake News. By providing full-page ads, people have been told to avoid wrong information. Now Whatsapp is testing a new feature, under which the option to limit forwarded message will be available.

According to Whatsapp, the company will give this feature of limiting forward messaging to all users. This will be especially for India because recently there have been many violent incidents due to the Forwarded Message of Whatsapp.

Whatsapp said that the company can only be forwarded to five chats at a time. Simultaneously, the quick forward button will be removed from the media message. In India, most messages, photos, and videos are forwarded to the world. At the moment, you can forward messages to many people by selecting a message in Whatsapp.

Whatsapp has more than 200 million users in India and obviously, the parent company of Whatsapp is an important and big market for Facebook. The government has also sent notices to the Whatsapp to deal with Fake News. That’s why Wattsapp is constantly trying to reinforce the forward message.

Whatsapp has recently introduced the label, these labels appear in the forwarded message on Whatsapp. This lets the other user know that the message sent has been forwarded.

Significantly, the Indian government has sent a second letter to Whatsapp, which states that the company has taken effective measures that comply with the law.

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