Visit to discover Indian blogs Uttar Pradesh government stopping ban on Bakriad in open, said: Do not put photo on social media | latest political news

Uttar Pradesh government stopping ban on Bakriad in open, said: Do not put photo on social media | latest political news

Uttar Pradesh government stopping ban on Bakriad in open | latest political news

Lucknow: The UP government has banned the open on the occasion of Bakri eid and bribed his photo on social media. The government has said in its order that legal action will be taken against those who do so. On the other hand, Muslim religion teachers also issued an advisory to celebrate There is a description of things like what to do and what not to do on this occasion. According to Muslim religion gurus, he has issued this Advisory on this holy occasion to stop any kind of conflict in the state. It is noteworthy that the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister asked the police and administration to be alert about the law and order in the state on the occasion of Bakrid. He said that adequate safety measures should be ensured on this occasion. He has instructed to keep the festival at peace level, maintain security arrangements, and keep strict tabs on anti-social elements at every level.

CM Yogi said that unlike tradition, no work should be sanctioned. The Chief Minister also directed the officials through video conferencing in connection with the festival of Eid-ul-Azha at his official residence on Tuesday evening. He said that the current month of Shravan is going on, in which Kanwad is being traveled by the Kandis. In view of Eid-ul-Azha, a careful look should be made so that no unpleasant incidents happen. Keeping in mind the sensitive zones and places, they instructed to prepare for prior preparation and action.

The Yogi said that on the occasion of Bakrid, all the districts should be stopped in non-conventional open places, especially in the face of any kind of dispute near mixed population or religious places. Where the dispute is feared, there should be arrangements of police picket, patrol etc. in advance so that no untoward incident can occur. The Chief Minister instructed that on the occasion of prayers at Id-ul-Azha, the temple should be kept vigilant at the time of prayers, during the worship of the temple. They instructed that in keeping with special vigilance in respect of the sacrifice of prohibited animals or cattle, they should be stopped so that no unpleasant incident happened.

Directing the former to review the incidents that took place during Bakrid, he said that inhibitory action should be ensured against anti-social elements. Along with that, he also talked about making preparations in connection with Muharram, Navratri, Durga Puja, Dussehra etc. The Chief Minister said that in all high officials, take a tour. Inspect at their respective janapadas at the excursion and station level. Review the range-level police officer camping at the district level.

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