Visit to discover Indian blogs PM Modi Speech, "We are not a streak on butter, we are going to draw a line on the stone," 10 special points of speech

PM Modi Speech, “We are not a streak on butter, we are going to draw a line on the stone,” 10 special points of speech

PM Modi Speech, “We are not a streak on butter, we are going to draw a line on the stone,

New Delhi: On the occasion of the 72nd Independence Day of the country, today, in the main function held on the Red Fort, the prominent leaders of political parties, government ministers, top army officers of the army, diplomats and prominent people of other fields have learned. During addressing the ramparts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who said that when the people are enthusiastic, there is an intention to do something for the country, then the law of benami properties is also applicable. We have the power to take strong decisions because nationwide is the paramount for us. We do not have the streak on butter, but we are going to draw stones on the stones. On this occasion PM Modi will be inaugurating the Prime Minister Jan Swasthya Yojana on 25th September, on the birth anniversary of Pandit Deen Dayal.

Important information related to the case:

The country is the same, the earth is the same, the wind is the same, the sky is the same, the sea is the same, the government office is the same, the people who make the decision process are the same but the country is feeling the change in the past four years. The country is moving forward with a new consciousness, new excitement, new accomplishment, new resolution, new auspicious time.

Sleeping elephant (India) is alive, has gone and now the world is saying that India is going to give momentum to the world economy for the next thirty years. Such faith is born in India today. Today, India’s credibility has increased on the global stage. India is being listened to in the world. Before 2014, the world’s distinguished institutions and economists used to say what our country used to say, it was also a time that Hindustani economy is full of huge risks, the same people are praising our reform today. Now India is seen as the land of ‘Reform, Performance, Transform’. We are going to record economic growth.

Our country is making progress in the world of space. Our country has taken the resolution that when 75 years of independence will be completed in 2022 or earlier, then any child of Mother Bharti will go into space. It will take the tricolor in hand and fulfill this dream before 75 years of independence. We will carry the Gagan Yan with humans, and when this Gaganan will take Hindustani in space, then there will be the fourth country within the world, which will become human beings in space. I compliment the country’s scientists.

The young man of our country has completely changed the Nature of Job. In the startup, the young country is taking the country to new heights. The 13 million currency loan is a big deal. There are also 4 million young people in it, who have taken the loan from the first time and are now standing on their feet. To meet the vision of Digital India today, the daughters and sons of the country are moving forward and using the information technology a lot.

North East looks glimm of the playgrounds. It is being reported from North East that electricity came into the village and the entire village danced. News of development work is coming from the North East. Today the young men of North East are opening BPO. Is hosting the North East Spot University. It took a while to the northeast that Delhi was far away. But I have brought Delhi to Delhi at their door.

The world is welcomed to welcome India. India’s passport strength has increased. If anybody in the world is in crisis, then he knows that there is a country behind him who will take him out of the crisis.

Our thinking is from ‘seed to market’. We are making unprecedented improvements in the agriculture sector. Our goal is to double the income of farmers till 2022.

Our government has completed the pending demand for years of increasing MSP.

The speed at which the toilets were being constructed in 2013, the speed at which the electrification was being carried out in 2013, if we were to go ahead at that pace, it would have taken decades to reach the goal.

Since 2014, I have been experiencing that hundreds of millions of people do not stop by making government, they are busy making the country.

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