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Modi Govt. Cheated Women on all Counts, said congress Leader|Political news India

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New Delhi:- On one-day congress leader Rahul Gandhi wrote a letter to Prime Minister of India ( Narendra Modi) to seek for woman’s Reservation Bill of India in Parliament, this Anti Women Government Cheated women Everywhere. said a Women Leader of Opposition party on Monday.

naredra modi cheated women

Mahila Congress President Shushmita Dev said that We are approaching Last Monsoon Session of Parliament of this NDA G0vernment and the present condition of Indian women is very bleak and gloomy. she added that like all other Governance, this Government is finally proved that empowerment of women and assurance of their personal security is only a dream.

Mamta Congress organized a jeep rally In Delhi to protest against the Government’s Anti Women Policies.

The Shrill and exaggerated speech of Prime Minister proved the fact that this Government cheated the women on all counts. Some mindless Policies made in a hurry, avoid of any thought of long-term implication in consultation with civil societies have been rushed through the  Parliament in the name of women empowerment.

she said that the end result of Prime Minister’s Government promise to the women of India in 2014 General Election proves to be Modi Government Shameful Failure.

MS Dev said that in 2014 general election BJP described women as a nation builder has managed to bewilder women by detrimental action or inaction of its Ministers leaders and workers.

Congress Women leader said that this Government is not fulfilling its promise to women of India. Their policies are to damage control to save the face of the Prime Minister and cover the anti-women agenda of the BJP-RSS combine.

She also said that the pledge to provide One-third reservation in seats for women in all assemblies and Parliament stands falls.

“The Commitment to strictly make laws related to women, particularly related to rape, has been falls.

The Commitment to save the Girl Child and educate her under the “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” scheme too has been breached said, Ms. Dev.

“Will the Prime Minister come forward in the coming session of Parliament to answer the Congress charges? Otherwise, it will be assumed that he is guilty,” she added.

“Will the Prime Minister come forward in the coming session of Parliament to answer the Congress Charges? Otherwise, it will be proved that he is guilty,” she added.


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