Visit to discover Indian blogs India's ambitious mission Chandrayaan-2 again, will Israel go forth from India?

India’s ambitious mission Chandrayaan-2 again, will Israel go forth from India?


India has deferred its once-awaited Chandrayaan Mission -2 in which Lunar Rover will be sent. This mission was to go in October this year, but now it will be possible only in 2019. Because of this late India, Israel has got an opportunity to reach the moon. The first picture of India’s Moon Rover is part of ISRO’s 800 crore project Chandrayaan Mission 2. During the second trip of the moon, India’s plan is to get soft landings near the South Pole and to get information related to the surface of the moon through this small rover of six wheels. Late reasons are being described as technical difficulties.

In this regard, Dr. M. Annadurai (Director, UR Rao Satellite Center, Bengaluru) said in a special conversation with JUSTNEWS24X7 that the date of the launch of Chandrayaan-2 has been done by the next year i.e. 2019. They said that Chandrayaan-2 can be sent by February next year and the rocket launches could be launched in January before Chandrayaan-2 was to be launched in October this year.

Comments Dr. M. Annadurai said in the conversation that instead of GSLV Mk II, now GSLV Mk III will land on the moon in February, then the launch will now be in January. Let’s say that Russia, the US, and China have successfully landed soft landing on the surface of the moon. Now in the race to reach the moon, two Asian countries are India and Israel. Now to see who comes at number four.

Explain that India is using its most heavily rocket Bahubali in its next mission, but in between this Israeli 600km lunar satellite could surpass India in the fourth race.

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