Visit to discover Indian blogs Independence Day: Great Doodle Made by Google on Independence Day of India | latest political news

Independence Day: Great Doodle Made by Google on Independence Day of India | latest political news

New Delhi 72nd Independence Day:

Today the country is 72nd Independence Day (Independence Day 2018). There is an atmosphere of celebration all over the country. Google is also celebrating Independence Day of India in a unique way. Google has created a special doodle today, which focuses on Independence Day. This great doodle includes the country’s national flag. On the one side, there is a photo of the elephant, and on the other side the lion’s side. After clicking on the doodle, the page of India Independence Day Search result opens. Here is a detailed information about India’s Independence Day. There are pages related to this. There is also a link to interesting and interesting news related to Independence Day.

Independence day of Indian live updates

Let us tell you that on the occasion of Independence Day, PM Modi told the ramparts of the Red Fort that the country is touching new heights. We are celebrating this festival when our daughters crossed the seven seas and returned to us after painting the seven seas with the Tricolor. Our heroes have hoisted the tricolor on Everest. But on this occasion, I will recall that the tribal children living in the forest have increased the glory of the Tricolor by hoisting the flag on Everest. PM Modi said that for the glory of the Tricolor, soldiers of the country’s army sacrifice their lives. Our paramilitary forces spend the life. Our police forces are engaged in the service of the country day and night to protect the common man. I salute all the soldiers in front of the tricolor flag and wish their best for their great service and renunciation meditation.

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