Visit to discover Indian blogs Independence Day 2018: PM Modi speaks from Red Fort: By 2022, no Indian will go in space with the tricolor and will become the fourth country to bring humanity into space.

Independence Day 2018: PM Modi speaks from Red Fort: By 2022, no Indian will go in space with the tricolor and will become the fourth country to bring humanity into space.

Independence Day 2018: PM Modi speaks from Red Fort:

Today is the 72nd Independence Day (2018) and today there is an atmosphere of celebration throughout the country. On the occasion of Independence Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing the country today with the ramparts of the Red Fort. Prior to the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, PM Narendra Modi will be the last speech from the ramparts of the Red Fort. It is expected that the PM can also announce many new government schemes in his address. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also congratulated the country on Independence Day via Twitter on Wednesday morning.

PM Modi finally read a poem. …

Have a goal in your mind;

We are breaking the chains, we are changing the pictures

This is a new age, it is Navbharat, it will write its own fate

We are changing your photo

We have come out with love, by offering our body

It is stubborn, there is a rising sun, it is high to reach Amber.

India is a new one.

Independence Day 2018: PM Modi speaks from Red Fort:

72th Independence Day| latest political news

PM Modi said that I am obliged to take the country forward from all the countries. I am restless to eliminate malnutrition in the development of children. I am distraught so that poor can benefit from proper planning. I am disturbed so that people’s lives are better.

We want to move ahead by hugging not on the path of bullet and abuse. In the next few months, the people of the village will get an opportunity to give their rights to the people and Panchayat elections will be held.

PM Modi said that preparations for the long-pending Panchayat and body elections are going on for strengthening democratic units in Jammu and Kashmir.

PM Modi said that the call to Atal ji for Jammu and Kashmir was- Humaaniyat, Kashmiri, Jamururi. I have also said, can be done only by embracing the solution of every problem of Jammu and Kashmir. Our government is committed to the development of all the regions and all sections of Jammu and Kashmir. We want to keep Kashmir with you by not embracing bullets and abuses.

PM Modi said that the three divorced daughters have ruined the lives of our women. But I assure the afflicted mothers and daughters of the country that I will stand with you to give them their rights and to get them justice. You will definitely get justice.

PM Modi said that the rule of law is supreme for us. Nobody has the right to take law in hand. Our children’s change is such that women should be respected. We will have to give good rites.

PM Modi called Rape a demonic tendency He said that the rapists are getting strict punishment. The rapists are getting the hanging sentence, this message should be sent.

PM Modi said that for the women officers appointed in the Indian Armed Forces, we announce a permanent commission through a transparent selection process for men. Women of the country today are walking on men with shoulders Today the country is experiencing that men from the field of farming to the playgrounds are equalizing.

We have ended the brother-nephew later. We have used IT technology to make processes transparent. Today, the environmental clearance has also been made transparent. Everything is done online. Today is a matter of pride for us that three women judges are sitting in the Supreme Court today. These three women judges are giving justice. This is the first time after independence.

PM Modi said that air is not being made to fill the tax in the country. But by taxpayers’ money, only three poor people are stomaching at one time.

PM Modi said today is an honest taxpayer, I assure you that those who are honest taxpayers, schemes run by their money only. Its complete taxpayers get it.

PM Modi said that there was 6 crore people who were not born and the benefits of government schemes were going on in their name. PM Modi said that earlier ration of poor people was also a scam. Their rights were snatched away. We have stopped the fake business. We have stopped the scam in the ration. Today the poor do not have a pension, in the ration.

PM Modi said that the Ayushman Bharat Scheme will include people from India as equal to the population of Europe. We have made many plans to empower the poor. But middlemen eat the rights of the poor from it. Everything is visible on the paper and the middleman keeps all the accounts. I can not see that

No poor want to live in poverty and die. She keeps sighing all over life to get out of poverty. We have tried to empower the poor in the last four years. An international organization has come out of nearly two million poor poverty line in the last two years.

PM Modi said that this technology will be tested in different parts of the country for four to five-week weeks from August 15, and to carry forward this scheme on 25th September the Prime Minister’s Public Health Campaign will be launched across the country. On September 25, on the birth anniversary of Pandit Deen Dayal, Prime Minister Jan Arogya Yojana will be started. The result will be that the poor will not have to take loans from the moneylenders. Job opportunities will be created for young people.

PM Modi said that poor or rich, once the family gets sick, the whole family breaks down. For the convenience of the health of all citizens of the country, the common citizens get health facilities, so the Government of India has a plan to provide health insurance to the 10 million households of this country for five lakh rupees annually under the Prime Minister’s Health Plan. We are going to give it to the country.


PM Modi said that Mahatma Gandhi had given great importance to cleanliness in his life. When we dedicate our work on the birth anniversary of Bapu and complete the dreams that have gone ahead, will complete it.
In 2014, when I talked about the cleanliness mission from the ramparts of the Red Fort, some people had made fun of me. But WAO figures have increased the dignity of India.

PM Modi said that the schemes should be such that they all got an opportunity to live a life of equal life. We are always working towards moving forward. Yesterday, President Kovind also mentioned many schemes in his address.

We are not going to draw a line on the butter, but to draw stones on the stone: PM Modi spoke from Red Fort

Today our full attention is to bring change in agriculture, modernization: PM Modi speaks from Red Fort

Today, my good fortune is that on this sacred occasion, I have had the opportunity to give another good news to the country. The year 2022, i.e. in the 75th year of independence and if possible, India is going to the tricolor in space. PM Modi speaks from Red Fort

Our country is making progress in the world of space. Our country has taken the resolution that when 75 years of independence will be completed in 2022 or earlier, then any child of Mother Bharti will go into space. It will take the tricolor in hand and fulfill this dream before 75 years of independence. We will carry the Gagan Yan with humans, and when this Gaganan will take Hindustani in space, then there will be fourth country within the world, which will become human beings in space. I compliment the country’s scientists. PM Modi spoke from the ramparts of the Red Fort

Scientists of the country also did not lack anything in keeping India ahead. Together with more than one hundred satellites, our scientists surprised the world. Mangal Yan has been successful in the first attempt. It was the accomplishment of our scientists. The sailors are going to launch in the next days. Fishermen’s life will improve through this. PM Modi spoke from the ramparts of the Red Fort

The young man of our country has completely changed the Nature of Job. In the startup, the young country is taking the country to new heights. The 13 million currency loan is a big deal. There are also 4 million young people in it, who have taken loan from the first time and are now standing on their feet. To meet the vision of Digital India today, the daughters and sons of the country are moving forward and using the information technology a lot. PM Modi spoke from the ramparts of the Red Fort

North East looks glimm of the playgrounds. It is being reported from North East that electricity came into the village and the entire village danced. News of development work is coming from North East. Today the young men of North East are opening BPO. Is hosting the North East Spot University. It took a while to the north east that Delhi was far away. But I have brought Delhi to Delhi at their door. PM Modi spoke from the ramparts of the Red Fort

PM Modi said that the world is welcoming to welcome India. India’s passport strength has increased. If anybody in the world is in crisis, then he knows that there is a country behind him who will take him out of the crisis.

PM Modi said that the sleeping elephant (India) has been alive, has gone and now the world is saying that for the next 30 years, the world economy is going to give momentum to India. Such faith is born to India today. Today, India’s credibility has increased on the global stage. India is being listened to in the world.
Aug 15, 2018
08:02 (IST)
PM Modi from the ramparts of the Red Fort said that earlier it was said about India’s economy that it was a risky economy. The first world used to talk about red tape, but today it is a matter of red carpet. The first World India ie policy was considered as paralysis, but today the situation of the country is something else.
Aug 15, 2018
08:00 (IST)
PM Modi said that whatever is happening in India today, the whole world looks very deep.
Aug 15, 2018
07:59 (IST)
PM Modi said that when the people are enthusiastic and want to do something for the country, the law of Anonymous property becomes law.
Aug 15, 2018
07:57 (IST)
PM Modi said that it is necessary for us that we should strive towards moving ahead with larger goals.
Aug 15, 2018
07:56 (IST)
PM Modi said that the army of the country goes anywhere in a natural calamity and the army helps, and when the same army moves with a resolution, the teeth of enemies are sourced by surgical strikes. The country is moving forward with excitement.
Aug 15, 2018
07:55 (IST)
PM Modi said that in four years the country is feeling a new feeling. Today the country is making double highways. So the country is building a new house in four times villages. The country is producing record today. Producing a record of the mobile phone. After independence in the country, the airline is doing the most to buy. The country is establishing new IIMs, AIIMS and IITs today. There is a startup flood in the country. Digital Village has reached the village.
Aug 15, 2018
07:53 (IST)
PM Modi said that the country’s requirements and expectations are high, so the Center and the State need to work together.

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