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IND vs ENG: Shastri’s message to the British – come to India, do not complain| latest sports news

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Indian team coach Ravi Shastri said that the present team does not believe in complaining. He will not make excuses for difficult conditions for his performance during a series of five test matches against England.

The report said that the Indian team management was not happy with the pitch and outfield of Essex county ground, where the only practice was made three days instead of four and the reason for the heat was told.

Due to this, the angry team India reduced the one-day practice match

On the other hand, Shastri said in his familiar style that his team did not excuse. Shastri said during the press conference today, “My theory is clear – I do not question in your country and in my country you do not question. I told (from the field workers) that let the grass remain and do not remove anything. ‘

He said, “In this tour, you will not see the Indian team making excuses by taking pitch or conditions at any time. We are proud of our performance wherever we go, and we want to be the best practice team on the overseas tour in the world. This Indian team will be the last team to complain, so I want to make it clear clearly.

Shastri said about the pitch here, ‘There is good grass on this (pitch). The field workers said, do we want to remove grass from it, I said, no, no. This is your monopoly. You prepare the wicket and we play, so when you come to our country you can not question (about pitches). ‘

He said that as far as the match is concerned for three days, its cricketing cause is a great heat and the team wants better preparation before the first Test match starting in Birmingham from August.

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