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I do not allow players to abduct a mother and sister: Mahendra Singh Dhoni

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New Delhi:

Former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is also known for his coolness. He was named ‘Captain Cool’ because of his calm nature on the field and beyond the ground. While the young cricketer wants to break the morale of the opposing team with their aggressiveness, Dhoni has done all this very peacefully. That is why he is considered the best batsman in the world today. It is not the reason that Team India won the T20 World Cup in the captaincy of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. With this win also won the 50-over World Cup and also won the Champions Trophy. His accomplishments are so that if the counting takes place, the paper will be reduced. Interestingly, Dhoni never gave a loud reaction to victory and never lost a weaning defeat.

There are very few people in cricket who have got everything from coolness. Bharat Sen’s book ‘The Dhoni Touch’ has highlighted many aspects of Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s life. One of these is their cool style, which is mentioned in this book. The book also mentions a 2008 story which is a learning curve for every captain of every world.

According to the news published in the Indian Express, at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in 2008, India dismissed Australia for 159 runs. Team India was very close to victory. On this occasion, Mahendra Singh Dhoni gave the message to the team members that there should be no celebration in the balcony of the Melbourne Cricket Ground. This was the time when the team of Ricky Ponting used to take every defeat as a big disappointment. Team India maintained their dominance throughout the match.

latest sports news

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In this book, a player of the team told that Dhoni had said that if we celebrate Wilde, then Australia will feel that it is a big disappointment and that she will play to take revenge for the next match. We wanted to give this message to Australia that it is not a big disappointment, but it will be repeated. Australia did not understand Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s strategy. Later India won the Commonwealth Trophy

This is Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s own style. He does not pressure the other team with aggression but forces the other team to think that why the team is not aggressive. It is said about Dhoni that he hits the front in his own style. A close friend of Dhoni said in this book that he had said, “If I allow my boys to abduct a mother and sister, this thing will not disturb her, but will upset mother and sisters.” He did not consider using aggression as right. He used to say that if you want to hit the opposing team then do it in your style. If they believe in abuse, you do not do that. There have been many such occasions in cricket when Dhoni decisively defeated the other team. He defeated every team in the world but never came to the impression of his face. That’s their strength.

Actually, Dhoni does what he wants Dhoni. He has always been honest with himself and is still there today. For those people who have been in the limelight for so many years, everyone who knows everything related to his personal life, he was criticized many times but Dhoni never got disturbed. He is always as strong, at his place, in his own order and standing behind the wicket.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni has done a lot in his career. He has scored a lot in the form of a batsman, he has many record records in his wicketkeeping. As captain, he has won three ICC titles for the country.

Let me tell you that Mahendra Singh Dhoni has scored 4876 runs in 90 Tests at an average of 38.09. In it, Dhoni has hit 78 sixes and 544 boundaries. Dhoni has scored 6 centuries, 1 double century and 33 half-centuries in his Test career.

At the same time, in 321 ODIs, Dhoni has scored 10046 runs at an average of 51.25. In ODIs, Dhoni has scored 10 centuries and 67 half-centuries. Dhoni has so far scored 217 sixes and 776 fours in ODIs. Dhoni has played 93 T20s so far. In this, he scored 1487 runs at an average of 37.17. In the T20 career, Dhoni has just hit two half-centuries. In T-20 career, Dhoni has scored 47 sixes and 107 fours.

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