Visit to discover Indian blogs BJP's 'Shatrughan sinha' remarked on this move of PM Modi, let's say this big statement

BJP’s ‘Shatrughan sinha’ remarked on this move of PM Modi, let’s say this big statement


New Delhi:

Even though the Modi government has got the support of Shatrughan Sinha, an actor-turned-politician, on the no-confidence motion in the Parliament, but his party and PM Modi have not yet softened. Once again, BJP rebel leader Shatrughan Sinha has attacked the PM Modi over the foreign visits of PM Modi and said that when the session is going on in Parliament, it was so necessary to go abroad. Shatrughan Sinha said that if you do not visit the foreign tour for now, then no sky falls. Shatrughan Sinha attacked PM Modi by tweeting one after another.

This advice was given to Bihar’s Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi on the occasion of Barasat Shatrughan Sinha, PM Modi.

Shatrughan Sinha wrote- ‘Dear sir, when the Parliament session is going on, you are on a tour of 3 African countries. If you visit this session after the session of Parliament, then no sky falls. You could still visit some of the remaining countries in the world after this. However, your visit to Rwanda is the first visit by an Indian Prime Minister, congratulations. ‘
Dear Sir! As usual, while Parliament is in session, you are on an African tour. Heaven would not have fallen if you’d left after the session Your visit to Rwanda is a first by an Indian PM! Congratulations.

– Shatrughan Sinha (@ShatruganSinha) July 25, 2018
Bihar: Shatrughan Sinha told Tuticorin incident to be shameful, PM targets Modi

He further wrote, hopefully, you will be a handshake in Rwanda by staying in the protocol. Because big news is being made on the event that is happening here till now. Then he writes, you have given 200 cows in a program in Girinda, it is a good initiative. This will further strengthen the relationship between the two countries. But Sir, come back, the opposition is the attacker on the issue of mobs lining and cow guards and is in big news.
& killing of innocent people, alleging that some of our people are hand & glove in these horrific deeds Still, not a word from you, sir! You can do it from a foreign land too. Also, humble request to direct us as a privilege motion on Rafale deal against Govt has moved. Jai Hind!

– Shatrughan Sinha (@ShatruganSinha) July 25, 2018
PM Modi does not become any wiser than Shatrughan Sinha to become Prime Minister

Shatrughan Sinha further wrote: ‘Innocent people are being killed in the country. But you do not get a word from your mouth. You could also do it on foreign soil. Also, kindly request us to instruct us as the opposition has brought a privilege motion against the government on the Rafael issue. ”

Describe the comments that Shatrughan Sinha had supported his party and government on the issue of anti-motion motion in the opposition in Parliament. On one hand, while BJP leaders are making fun of Rahul Gandhi’s neck, Shatrughan Sinha has praised Rahul Gandhi for the incident and he has surrounded PM Modi on several issues since lobbying.

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